A scorphunter


Red: Dangerous, very aggressive. Blue: Freindly but less dangerous
Green: Even more aggressive than the red one, as well as more dangerous.
Red: Bulletproof, but vulnerable to explosives YES Blue: Any weapons YES
Green: As of yet unkillable. Weaknesses unknown. NO

All knowing poisons: 1) harmamtus kactu, this poison let the victim's body cannot move until they will die

2) Poison headcrab's venomous but mixed with unknow liquid

3)Toxic spray, when a scorphunter killed it explode toxics in medium radius.

Trivia: Scorphunters doesent like combines for no reason.

Their mouth cannot be seen but they seen eating victim in a mysterious.

There is possibly a unknow virus that made dead hunters to scorphunters.Possibly caused by combines.

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