―Scombines quiet nature.


Scombine was once a normal RED Scout who came up on a hostile Spoy and wound up paralyzed by its odd abilities. Heavy Trains Guy found him and turned him forcibly into a cyborg through insertion of head implants. They were programmed to instantly turn now-Scombine into an exterminator of Monsters (such as Spoys and Vagineers). However, he actually turned into sort-of Monster himself.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Scombine is a resourceful cyborg with a variety of weapons installed into its arms. He is equipped with a powerful shotgun and a plasma blaster that fires charged bolts of energy, and proximity sensors that allow him to detect approaching Freaks.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Because Scombine is programmed to attack any hostile TF2 Freaks in his vicinity, this means he may end up persistently fighting one that is too powerful for him rather than retreat.
  • As a cyborg he is vulnerable to electricity, EMP waves and magnets.
  • If one of his weapons is plugged, it may explode and inflict significant damage to him.
  • He also is willing to kill almost anybody instantly
  • not many peoples skills can match cause everyone suck.....