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Scaosh is watching you


Scaosh is a GMod Monster, he is created by IWaWor . The name is mixed between: "Scout" & "Whoosh".Apperantly,he looks like an ordinary RED Scout who lives in a bucket.

Scaosh' music:

Theme: "Bomber Bomberman 64 The Second Attack - Jail "

Agressive: "Nightmare House 2 - Boss Battle " (Beta was: Oni - Tralier )

Scaosh is a deadly Gmod monster, and most gmodders knows him as the "upside down: Painis Cupcake "

Scaosh' face isn't a HWM face, he is just a ordinary RED Scout model, to make his face select faceposer and adjust his functions to:

PainBigUpper - 0,5 / GK - 0,5 / HappyBig - 1 / HappyBigUpper - 0,5 / FV - 1

And to make him talk: EE - 0,5


Scaosh has the following abilities:


  • He likes to enter holes and then will be able to travel around on the enviroment the object is connect to.</li></li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • He makes somersault to move around on the ground.</li> Attacks:</li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • If Scaosh tells someone he is an object, in their eyes he disguise himself as the object.</li></li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • Scaosh bite isn't harmfull but it makes people drunk, and then motionless.</li></li></li></li></li></li></li>
  • If he drags people into one of his holes, the victim(s) are sure to be in great danger.</li></li>==Common lines:== "I am Scaosh" "I am your <insert name of object here>, EAT ME!" "Whoosh" (Short laughs are only used when he is curious or discovers something)==Faults and Weaknesses:==
              • He can get stuck in a prop that are lifted by living creatures.or lifted by magnets.
              • Scaosh can only regenerate wounds if he eats someone.
              • Can't get invulnerable/Übercharged.


    Scaosh was first seen on Youtube 18/11/2011 by WaWor (he removed the video due to copyright strikes). But he reuploaded his second Scaosh video on his memorial channel:

    Appearanes: The Combineer </li> </li> </li> </li> </li>

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