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Saxton Hale

The Team Fortress 2 Character Saxton Hale is an Australian with a big Moustache who wears nothing while his Chest Hair has the Form of the Continent Australia, were he comes from.


Hales Complete Job description by himself is "Australian, CEO Mann Co. and the Man who's gonna BURN THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND!"

The Mann Co. is the Organization which the Armies of BLU, RED and the Robot Armies of Gray Mann splitted apart from. The Mann Co. used to rule the entire world, until the both Brothers Blutarch Mann, leader of the Builders League United, BLU, and Redmond Mann, leader of the Reliable Excavation Demolition, took one part of the world with them each. The Mann Co. has, next to its Selling of Weapons and Comics, the ownership of TFIndustries, led by the TF2 Administrator.


For many of his hated "Hippies" (TF2 takes part in 1968, so to the time of the Hippie Protests) he is the Main Reason for all problems in the world (That is right, but Hale hates them anyway). In his Home Country Australia he is a national hero and every woman, man or child (well, at least one doesn't) wears a big moustache to show that they like him.

Powers and AbillitiesEdit

--immense strength ;

--unfathomable speed and agility ;

--tremendous durablilty and endurance ;

Saxton Hale has immense strength, capable of overpowering Heavies, Demoman, Soldiers and high tier Freaks with minimal difficulty.He can lift huge objects and smash stone and shatter steel with his bare hands .He can overpower some of the strongest animals on the planet and like all Australians, he is a great warrior, possibly a better warrior then any other Australian. He also defeated the insanly powerful Chuck Norris within a minute or so.He has inhuman speed and agility being able outrun a cheeta and jump to colossel hights and also show incredible durablilty being to take to tank a heavies mini gun bullets and shrug off demos grenades and soldiers rockets.


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