RED Saxton gravity will be a comepletely mechanical being created solely to counter the BLU Saxton Gravity that has taken over the GMod/TF2 universe. After multiple attempts made by almost every person/monster in existance, BSG proved to be quite powerful, even defeating Saxton Hale without any difficulty what so ever. although, Painis Cupcake proved to fare quite well against BSG, but ended up being defeated. RSG is much friendlier and much more forgiving than its counter-part. In the end, the TF2 team's mission pays off as BSG is re-programmed after the battle between it and RSG.


Also, RSG has a similar list of powers and abilties to BSG. In fact, the only difference between the abilities of BSG and RSG is that instead of manipulating fire like BSG, RSG manipulates ice. This was an attempt to counter BSG's power over fire. Instead of over-pwering, RSG's ice proved to be equal to BSG's fire. As for the list of abilities RSg has, it goes as follows:

  • Super-Strength
  • Super-Speed/Agility
  • Gatling-Guns
  • Analyze Enemies
  • Self-Uber by revealing its power core
  • Manipulate Ice

Faults and Weaknesses:Edit

RSG has the exact same faults and weaknesses as BSG, a lack of defensive abilities, a vulerable core when revealed, its "detection-range", vulerability to magnets. In fact, RSG and BSG use the exact same desgin and building materials, so they are extremely similar.

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