(Creator: 9Destra) This Article is about BLU Saxton Gravity:

BLU Saxton Gravity will be a mechanical monster created by the worst Team Fortress 2 team in existance. Originally, SG's creators attempted to get weapons from the future and use them to get their first win. However, the weapons ended up in being clumped together and were made useless on the way back to their time. after some deliberation, the tream decides to make an extremely powerful teammate. After years of work, the team successfully created the ultimate killing machine, but a glitch in its programming caused it to go insane, kill all of its creators, their enemies in the map, and eventually take over the entire planet. SG's reign is short-lived, as its blueprints and programming chip survived its first attack, allowing the greatest TF2 team in history to re-create a RED version of SG, fix the programming bug and allow the world to re-gain its control. (I'll make its videos eventually, and it will be a lot better than Antag's PLOL, I can garuntee that, if i post the video, and its worse than PLOL's videos, kick me out of the wiki)

Abilities: Edit

BSG has a well-rounded combination of abilities that allow combat at almost any range. SG has strength comparable to Giga Demo, extreme-speed, the ability to fly freely, gatling-guns located in its fore-arms, the ability to manipulate fire, and can analyze other Gmod Monsters and fight acoording to their weakness. In situations where Sg needs a strength and/or speed boost, BSG can reveal its power core and self-uber in doing so. When another person or monster asks it what its name is, BSG will always reply with its introduction: "The name's Saxton Gravity, I'm the man that's gonna SCREW you."

Faults and Weaknesses:Edit

BSG has a near-total lack of defensive abilities, meaning it must always be the one attacking in a fight, although its armor generally serves it quite well. Also, While BSG is self-ubered, hitting it in the core with almost any can disable it entirely for appoximately 10 seconds, and it must re-analyze the monster it was fighting upon restarting. However, sapping it during its self-uber can disable it for nearly a minute. Like any robot, SG is also sucepitable to magnets, but isn't entirely stopped or destroyed by them. BDG also has a "dectetion-range" meaning, any monster outisde its range will go completely unoticed, even if BSG is looking directly at them.

Relations With Other Monsters:Edit

Because of BSG's programming, it is completely insane and has almost no sympathy for its victims. In fact, BSG will insult its victims specifically to make their death more painful, the only monster capable of neutralizing BSG's brutality is Polite Spy.

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