Sawmedic is a GMod Monster whose shtick is his incredible physical abillities, created by Redbull12347. He's a serial killer type monster, whose behavior is simple: search for victims in the worlds. He calls a canyon cp map home, in which he killed 3 classes: An Engineer, a Demoman and a Heavy. Appearance: Saw up Dead down

He appears as a BLU Medic,with his right arm replaced with a Bonesaw.


His abilities focus around his super human physical strength, which is most prominent in his right Bonesaw-arm - his favorite way to kill his victim. Once the victim dies Sawmedic will be granted with Übercharge that lasts for 50 sec. He can also jump great distances and move with complete silence.


For being designed to attack up close, physical attacks seem to be very effective on Sawmedic himself. If not for his methods, Sawmedic would be very vulnerable at all times.

He is incredibly fearful of Giga Demo's hammer, due to Giga's exponentially greater physical power on top of Saw's weakness to melee attacks.

Second formEdit

Hl2 2012-01-24 21-17-18-78

Sawmedic's Second form

According from this video:Sawmedic's Second form he only uses this form when a higher level GMod Monster appears, such as Scunt. In this form, his existing abilities, like speed and strength, are drastically improved, and he gains some new abilities, such as his saw becoming automatic/motorized and he gains access to some sort of mysterious energy.

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