Cp 5gorge0004

sandvich pootis as he emerges out of his sandvich

Sandvich pootis is a TF2 monster created by the youtube user Eliteboy2e7. Sandvich pootis is a RED heavy who lives in a Sandvich and waits for anyone stupid enough to try to eat it.


His encounter Theme   his attack theme


Cp 5gorge0005

Sandvich pootis as he is really seen

Sandvich Pootis has appered in videos so far that video is Sandvich pootis Finds his first victim


Sandvich Pootis Find his Second victim


Sandvich pootis's many ability is to crush someone with his hands into a sandvich and eating them


Sandvich Pootis's only known weakness is fire. if he comes in contact with fire he will explode in a matter of seconds.

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