Sandbox is the default game mode of Garry's Mod. You can build anything in it. It used to be the most popular gamemode on Garry's Mod servers. Edit

The spawn menuEdit

This gamemode features a spawn menu that has under taken some change over it's time. The left part of the menu allows its users to spawn ragdolls and props, while the right one allows its users to configure the Tool Gun, server settings and player settings.

The scoreboard Edit

Each gamemode in Garry's mod is allowed to have its own custom scoreboard. The scoreboard in sandbox displays the following information:

Sandbox scoreboard opened

The scoreboard opened.

  • Number of props.
  • Number of Hoverballs
  • Number of dynamite sticks
  • Number of buttons
  • Number of thrusters
  • The player's website address
  • The player's MSN address
  • The player's XFire name
  • The player's Steam name

All of the player information can be filled in on the options tab. None of the fields are required.