Hl2 2012-07-01 18-10-33-903

One of few existing photos of the SOULdiers red side.

The SOULdier is a new Gmod monster created by TheMightyJinx with little known of it.


SOULdier is a trasparent Team Fortress 2 soldier that has two halves, a BLU half and a RED half. He resides in rp_skyhigh and guards an unknown treasure.


  • He has the ability to teleport.
  • He also is difficult to see. Because he is transparent.
  • He appears to have superhuman strength, due to him killing both a sniper and a pyro in a single blow.


  • If one of his halves is destroyed so is the other.
  • He cannot leave his rp_skyhigh unless he takes the treasure with him.
  • He won't fight unless his treasure is in jeapordy. Therefore if it is destroyed he has no purpose and will destroy himself.


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