Overview Edit

The S.W.A.T job is a custom job for the DarkRP gamemode lead by the S.W.A.T Chief. It is not default with the gamemode, therefore it is going to be different depending on each server you play on. On most servers with this job, it has high powered weaponry and sometimes body armor.

Specialization and Raiding Status Edit

On most servers that have it, the S.W.A.T job is not allowed to raid bases like a criminal, since it is a branch of the Civil Protection. They are however, allowed to raid criminal bases if they have suspicion that something illegal is occurring inside of the base, and if they receive a search warrant from the Mayor. Much like the real life S.W.A.T team, the DarkRP job usually specializes in helping the Police Force (AKA Civil Protection) with riots and heavy raids against criminals.

Salary Edit

The salary of this job depends entirely what server you are playing on, but on most servers that have this job, the salary is higher than the Civil Protection job due to the nature of their high-risk job.

Notes Edit

  • This job isn't default with the DarkRP gamemode, so it isn't going to be on every server you play.
  • The exact description of the job might be different on each server you play on.

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