Robot engie

Robot engie (Above)

Robot Engie is an Engineer who was killed by CBS and was taken in by a doctor by the name of Sergai, who gave him a second chance at life. His outfit is a permanent part of his body, composed of a Clockworks Helm, Pip-Boy and a Gunslinger. Engi is someone who sometimes is good, sometimes evil(Tends toward evil when AdmiralTrainstorm uses him), and this moral ambiguity can make him unpredictable. Engi can shoot lasers from his helmet's eyes and uses his Pip-Boy to summon Help or weapons. What people dont know is that Engie is not as Trainstorm makes him seem, though what with aforementioned moral ambiguousness his motives and behavior are up in the air most of the time...


  • Shoots lasers out of his eyes
  • Uses Pip-Boy to "Summon Help" or "Spawn a Weapon"

Friends & Foes

Robot Engie is among the passive GMod Monsters and hence has access to a somewhat less vitriolic social circle.


  1. Pete The Redneck Sniper.
  2. Sergai
  3. TheInvertedShadow
  4. Gravy Guitarman


  1. Christian Brutal Sniper
  2. Any Character Made By AdmiralTrainstorm

Faults and Weaknesses

As with any robotics-themed or metallic Monsters, Robot Engie has a weakness to magnets and electromagnetic fields/weapons.




Whilst little is known about him as of now, a large aspect of Sergai is derived from the fact that he was personally responsible for the revival of Robot Engie.


Sergai's main ability is his abundant medical and mechanical/robotic knowledge, which is how he saved Engineer by turning him into Robot Engie.


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