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Pyrogun is a TF2 Freak made by OluapPlayer . He is basically a RED Pyro with mechanical parts, such as a Sentry's 4-Rocket Launcher on his back, and a Sentry's minigun is his left arm.


He first appeared in the Video "Gentlemanly Demo's Greatest Duel ", and he was apparently created by a RED Engineer, friend of RED Gentlemanly Demo. Howewer, this first version seemed defective; in fact, he speaks like a Defective Turret from Portal 2. This is proven because he's out of minigun-arm bullets and he can't see a thing. He was capable, howewer, of launching sappers from his minigun arm, effectively defeating Rick the Adventure Horsemann.

He reappeared in a properly named "Pyrogun saves the day ", where he had a slight change of design. With good eyesight and minigun bullets, he was capable of defeating quickly Tommy Gruvich, a Tomislav/Sandvich/GRU Heavy, and, with a Phlogistinator, Dr. Enforclicle, a Spy with Enforcer/Dead Ringer/Spy-cicle. Howewer, since this Spy had the Dead Ringer on, he feigned death and shot Pyrogun on the gas tank on his back, sending him flying. He was defeated shotly afterwards after being shot by a MeeM version of a Sniper.

After being repaired, Pyrogun encounter Robot Engie on ctf_Turbine.  While the two were battling, Soldine, on a patrol, encountered them and the duo formed an alliance to attack him.  Pyrogun was destroyed by Soldine's minigun and Black Box after hitting the latter with his sentry rockets.


  • His left arm is made by a minigun of a Sentry, and as such is capable of shooting a lot of bullets in short time.
  • He has a 4-Rocket Launcher of a sentry in his back. He hasn't used it in any of his appareances.
  • His minigun arm can also shoot Electro-Sappers which can defeat robots of any size.
  • He uses a Phlogistinator as his Flamethrower of choice.
  • He is evidently designed to survive the most horrific injuries. For example, after BLU Gentlemanly Demo blew his head off, his only response was "Nope, still can't see."; he even lasted for the rest of the video without a head and was able to beat Rick the Adventure Horsemann.


  • His Gas Tank can be shot to propel Pyrogun uncontrollably in the air.
  • He can run out of bullets rather quickly.
  • He seems care little to not at all, and doesn't prepare himself against any surprise he may get from the enemy.

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