The Pyro is one of the 9 playable classes in Team Fortress 2. He is the most mysterious of them because his nationality and voice are hidden underneath the abestos-lined fireproof suit.

As his name states, he is the Pyrotechnician of the team and is capable of cooking his enemies with Flamethrowers and finding Spies more effectively than any other class.

Some say the Pyro is a woman because of the purse in his locker, among other things. But most of the community believes that he is a traumatized male and due the fact that his voice actor is a male (the same that makes the Spy voice, Dennis Bateman).

In Garry's ModEdit

In Garry's Mod, he, together with the other eight classes, are one of the craziest and most widely used characters in the mod. He is notably one of the least used ones other than the Medic, but still in the mod he is notably the most misunderstood character by the Team Fortress members, the anime characters or any other Valve characters. Pyro is brave enough to fight Slender Man.

There are many versions of the Pyro, but we'll only name the two most famous Pyros (the RED and BLU)

RED PyroEdit

  • Most misunderstood character.
  • He is more widely used than the BLU one
  • Most of the time he is found near fire, something/someone burning.
  • He has a female counterpart.
  • Was made fun of by his teamates.
  • Had love with the BLU Scout and Spy. Hinting the Pyro would be a woman.
  • Had love with the BLU Female Scout and Female Pyro. Hinting the Pyro would be a man.
  • Killed a BLU Heavy, a Medic, an Engineer, and a Sniper.

BLU PyroEdit

  • Also misunderstood
  • Same as RED Pyro.
  • Plays ping-pong with the BLU Scout.
  • Gets a duck for Xmas
  • Flies in a WW2 Plane
  • The Pyro has fallen in love with a British CS SAS CT and thinks it's another Pyro.
  • Worked at a pizza restaurant as the cook.


  • Both Pyros are most of the time, found near fires.
  • In some GMOD videos, the Pyro is being shown to reveal his identity to the other team as a woman, which shocks the whole team damn near everytime, but most of the times pyro is show with a custom model of his former head based on a concept art.
  • Pyros likes ducks.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

He is very vulnerable to bullets.



  • Pyros likes ducks.
  • A purple Pyro known as Haunted Pyro with duck face is the main antagonist of RED team's usual day.

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