Pygas is a powerful GMod Monster created by Youtube user siemka321


Pygas is a huge floating blob of compressed Pyro. Pygas flies around killing people by using his super powerfull ear rape ability. Pygas appears to be indestructible.


  • Powerfull ear rape ability
  • Flying
  • Apparent indestructibility

Pygas' only attack is his ear rape. When he sees a target (pretty much anyone) it flies towards them. Pygas' head then suddenly expands and anyone who sees it instantly explodes. Pygas also appears to be untouchable through his force field, an example being Pygas using it's force field generator to deflect a Heavy's Minigun bullets with ease.

Faults and weaknessesEdit

None have been proven yet, but if one could go through his force field they may be able to harm him, assuming they dont explode first.

His creator's description of him:

"The Pygas, a Pyro compressed into a mere of blood, guts, spandex and evil, combined with gygas and Pyro with the purpose of being the 10th class. It's capable of such extrordinary things such as destroying the laws of gravity by floating in the air, reflecting $400000-worth bullets during 12 seconds or ear-raping it's opponents to completely eliminate them."

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