Pryomaniac is an insane pyro whom was mutated during a mission that took place inside a mine. He/She is usually depicted as carrying an MLP:FIM sign as a weapon.

It was created by Gmod wiki user Dinner111

Powers & abilitiesEdit

  • It is far faster then most other monsters. It can even run circles around a demoknight.
  • It can mix It's blood with It's... white stuff & fire it out of its mouth.
  • It seems to have some slight control over magic, because it can spawn additional signs by drawing blood from itself & morphing that into a sign. This is a convinient way to get more weapons without being harmed, but it does cause some pain.
  • It can attack with speeds that negate it's low damage rating.

Faults & weaknessesEdit

  • It does not have an invulnerability heart &, as such, can be killed like most other monsters. It doesn't help that this monster has little damage resistance.
  • It has some mental defects. This is because the mutations have destroyed most of its brain cells & spread the few surviving ones across its organs.
  • It has weak stamina & can be knocked away without much force due to being much lighter than a human of its size.

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