Propkilling refers to users who use heavy props (that are quite easy to throw), or use the forcer to throw props at another player. A prop kill is most commonly performed with a heavy object such as a shipping container or a gate, it is commonly seen done by amateurs on role-play servers, however there is a gamemode of propkilling, where fall damage is removed, kills are identified, propkill rules are enforced and scripts are allowed, and even has verse mode so you may challenge others.

History Edit

Jiggu was the owner of a server called "EuroRP". In this server Crash and Flaco started experimenting with throwing props.

Jiggu found it funny to see Crash and Falco experiment and screw around with props so he allowed them to do this on his server. This went on for a while until a new admin appeared,

that guy was "Tommy Chromebolt", he was an admin on the server, got jealous and annoyed the two whenever Jiggu wasn't there. Falco and Crash discovered more and more methods, they found defense tactics, propsurfing, and propboosting.

For some reason Chromebolt hated the propkillers for messing around. he banned them whenever Jiggu was offline, but Jiggu was very kind and unbanned crash and Falco whenever they asked him. After a while Jiggu requested a script that made sure Crash and Falco wouldn't be banned by blocking the ban command on them, Falco made a script for Jiggu and it was installed on the server.

After this,Tommy Chromebolt updated the official version of the latest DarkRP and only changed the blacklist for props. He added the propkill props which were the locker, the blast door and the saw blade to it. it was successfully updated and these props were blocked on most servers, in reaction to this, Falco retreated in the darkness, and started making an update to DarkRP himself, the plan was to make an update that was so good it would completely out-shadow any before it, after 4 weeks it was finally finished, and became extremely popular.

After this, Falco and Crash began recruiting players to spread this new discovery, the first propkillers were Eagle, Rago and Worms, who later introduced Icepat to propkilling

Style Edit

There are varied kinds of styles when propkilling, it is suggested that mixing these will make you more flexible, so you may exploit your adversaries weaknesses while avoiding to play his strong points, for example Player 1 will be destroyed by a Player 2, which is part of grounding, and since the Player 1 cannot ground as he can only surf, he or she has no more strong points and will lose the battle easily.

And likewise, a pure grounder will be defeated by a skilled bunnyspider, as a combination of grounding while utilizing surprise surfs to gain time window where the pure grounder will not be able to defend or attack as he or she was surprised.

Here is a list of all skills when it comes to having a propstyle:

Skill Description
Aim The most essential skill in any playstyle, it's the ability to

aim, lead, guide and hit the prop at the adversary.

Surfing The ability to surf quickly without mistakes and be able to use the

air supremacy as an advantage.

Shielding To block incoming enemy props.
Anti-Birding The ability to take down enemy surfers while they are mid-air, a good aim,

and a fast reaction time contributes to this.

Longshotting The ability to guide props long distances, and kill enemies without the

interference of the map.

Reaction time The second most essential skill, the fast-paced nature of small maps or

close quarter maps demands fast reaction time, speed and efficiency.

The best way to get better is to always practice, the more you propkill the more experience you get, the easier it is for you to predict the enemies decisions or movements and adapt. Below is a list of many propstyles, some are easier to do in the right ping:

Propstyle name Description
Grounding Skills for this playstyle are Aim, Shielding, Anti-Birding, Longshotting. Grounding is

about playing more passively compared to proactive propkilling like Surfing, it is about using

buildings for cover, hitting at the right spot and keep the enemy away.

Surfing Skills for this playstyle are Surfing, Reaction time, Aim. Surfing is all about using speed, height, and reaction times to surprise your enemy and overwhelm them. requires a good ping so you may use your reaction time effectively.
Bunnying A mix of surfing/grounding, bunnying is about mixing the survivability of grounding and adding a bit of surprise to it with upwards bunny surfs or quick front surfs.
Sniping A theoretical and unused skill, it is effective when the user is very skilled at Longshotting, and a master of Anti-birding, as well as a slight skill in surfing and finally a slight amount of reaction time, a Sniper uses distance as his friend, keeping enemies away, and hammering away by longshotting, using back-stabs and what not. a very important part of it is to antibird when the enemy gets desperate and tries to get close.
Adaptable Aim More of a technique rather then a playstyle, it involves changing course multiple times when trying to guide your prop, a master of this technique could completely invalidate cover/shields, leading to a much higher kill rate, it can be added into any playstyle for equal efficiency, the only skill for this is excellent aim.
The Speedy Finn The Speedy Finn is a playstyle where a player surfs to a position and rapidly expands defenses and hammers away as a Grounder, and utilizing close-combat techniques like Bunnying.

The skills for this are: Large amounts of experience with Grounding, and Bunnying, and depending on the position, Sniping.

Liquid Venom The Ultimate Playstyle, The Liquid Venom is named such for being dangerous and adapatable,

This playstyle is a playstyle of it's own despite having nothing special about it, it is the ability to adapt to any strength or weakness that makes it strong, it requires being a master of all above playstyles/skills, and picking them accordingly, rain fire down on the enemies weakness, and invalidate their strong-points, it is about using your brain and to create a tactical plan to improvise and defeat your foe.

Prop kill groups

Preventing propkillingEdit

If someone comes at you with an object, kill them immediately with a gun,Or deflect/catch the prop by using gravity gun