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Propblocking is an act of disruption or revenge on Garry's Mod. It is normally performed by less expirenced propblocks, due to the relative ease of it or people wanting revenge on a particular player or group of players, due to the aggrivation that comes with it. Propblocking is a bannable offense on most servers.


Propblock is a term used on most servers to describe placing a prop in front of a door or other opening. A propblocker is the term used to describe a person who propblocks. Propblocking
Rp downtown v20007

An example of propblocking on Rp_Downtown.

is, in part, caused by servers using a prop protection script of some kind, thus rendering any prop placed in front of an opening immovable by conventional standards.

Overcoming A PropblockEdit

On most servers where propblocking is possible, only an admin can undo a propblock by clearing a player's spawned props or a specific prop.

On some DarkRp servers, Police Officers that come equipped with battering rams can knock down any frozen, welded, or otherwise restrained prop. This is not a fool proof plan, though. The officer must request a search warrant, which can be denied if a mayor has been elected, and there may be another object, be it a wall or a second layer of prop.

Also, Any prop spawned by a player will disappear from the map when they leave the game for any reason, effectively removing any propblocking.

What Definitely is PropblockingEdit

Propblocking Definitely is:

  • Placing an immoveable prop in front of a door
  • Making a blockade in the middle of a given street
  • Placing a prop in front of a door, even if it is not going to be used
  • Spawning random prop in an enclosed space, so players can't move

What is Sometimes PropblockingEdit

Propblocking is sometimes:

  • Making a shop in a public location
  • Barricading windows
  • Placing prop in a space so that there's only a small window to look through (Mostly used by players who sell things in a Roleplay server)
  • Making a maze out of props(only considered propblocking if there is no exit) (in some rp servers this is against the rule, doomfort)

What is Never PropblockingEdit

Propblocking is never:

  • Placing random props in a public area (This is still frowned upon, but is not considered propblocking)
  • Obstructing someone's view using a prop or ghosted advanced duplication

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