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Gm prophunt (Kow@lski )

An image created to represent Garry's Mod Prophunt

Prop hunt is a game mode created for Garry's Mod, similar to Team Fortress 2's prop hunt game mode. There are two teams: the props and the hunters. The hunters' goal is to find and kill all props before the end of the allotted time, or else the props win.To win hide some where they will find you because they will just pass you and you win.

Props Edit

Props spawn at the same time as hunters but are given a 39 second hiding period in which the hunters are blinded. Props start the round with the Kleiner (Half Life 2) character base in a T-pose with a blue coat. Props can choose an object on the map and take its form. After picking an object props are able to change into any other object they find. All props have different health according to their size. Props are faster then hunters by 10%.

Props are almost undiscoverable when changed and not moving but have some differing qualities when compared with real objects:

  • The cannot be picked up by the hunters like normal props can.
  • Hunter won't lose life when shooting them.

Hunters Edit

The hunters have the default skin of an alien police officer (from Half Life 2). They are blinded and cannot move during the first 39 seconds of the game to allow props to hide. Each hunter has 1 crowbar, 2 guns and 1 grenade (Alt fire of the SMG). The weapons are used to kill the props, but when shooting or hitting a real object, hunters take damage (the number of life points you lose 5 heath when shooting or hitting real props). Hunters have 100 life points at the start of the game.

Garrys Mod Prop Hunt Part 1 - Super Filing Cabinet 300013:15

Garrys Mod Prop Hunt Part 1 - Super Filing Cabinet 3000

A video, showcasing Prophunt


Can be found in Steam here but aliens are going to attack us in 3 days, hied your children! :

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