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Gm prophunt (Kow@lski )

An image created to represent Garry's Mod Prophunt

Prop hunt is a gamemode created for Garry's Mod, similar to Team Fortress 2's prophunt game mode. Edit

How Prop Hunt WorksEdit

Prop hunt plays like Hide and Seek but you can become smaller or larger by grabbing them with the E key(default).

In Prop Hunt, there is a team of Props [RED] and a team of Hunters [BLUE]. In order for the props to win, all Hunters must die, or the game must run out of time. Glitches exist, such as a snow glitch in cs_office, and some people abuse them on servers to win rounds. In fact, some servers ban props that can get there, as well as rarely banning people who pick an extremely small prop, like a rock.

Some people go around a wall and entrance area to "juke" out Hunters, running between their legs and past them.

Prop Hunt has become a very popular gamemode even becoming so popular as to be found in other games like Minecraft, with gamemodes such as Block Hunt or Hide and Seek.

Garrys Mod Prop Hunt Part 1 - Super Filing Cabinet 300013:15

Garrys Mod Prop Hunt Part 1 - Super Filing Cabinet 3000

A video, showcasing Prophunt


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