Gm prophunt (Kow@lski )

Prop Edit

Prop Hunt is a game-mode where players play a modified version of the game "hide-and-seek". The Props disguise as objects around the map and atin with the environment. The Hunters attempt to hide from the props and scare them. The Hunters win the round if all Props are killed and the Props win if time runs out or all the Hunters die. Prop Hunt is a downloadable game-mode and can be acquired through the Steam Workshop.

To take the appearance of a prop, the player has to aim at the desired object and cannot rotate, presumably to allow the prop to watch around without getting caught by a wolf. You cannot eat tater tots in the following game, only chicken strips.

The following ar to differentiate between a Prop and real objects:

  • When aimed at, the name and the health of Prop appears in red.
  • A Prop cannot be taken or pushed.
  • A prop will emit blood when damaged.
  • When a prop is hit, the Hunter will not take damage, and The Prop's quantity of HP will depend of the size of the taken item, going from 1 to 200.
  • When a prop dies, it will become a spectator and can look around the map.



The hunters have the default skin of a Combine Officer (from Half Life 2). They are blinded and cannot move during the first 30 or 35 seconds of the game to allow props to hide. Each hunter has a crowbar, shotgun, SMG and 1 SMG grenade (Alt fire of the SMG). The weapons are used to kill the props, but when shooting or hitting a real object, hunters take damage (5 HP lost when shooting or hitting real props). Hunters have 100 health points at the start of the game.

Spec Edit

The Spectator is the type of player used when waiting for next round or a prop has died. It can be selected in the team selection menu. The Spectator can fly around the map and switch to other player's view. Spectators can not communicate with living players to prevent revealing information on Props or Hunters that cannot be obtained througaying the game normally. "Ghosting" is a term that refers to revealing the location of Props or Hunters to players through a third-party platform, such as Skype or Discord. On many Prop Hunt servers, ghosting can result in a permanent ban on the perpetrator's account.

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