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Gm prophunt (Kow@lski )

Prop Hunt is a gamemode created for Garry's Mod as part of a competition in winter 2009/10, which has since been adopted as a Team Fortress 2 gamemode of the same name. There are two teams: The Props and the Hunters. Props' goal is to hide or evade death for the entire round. Hunters' goal is to kill all of the props to win.

Props Edit

  • Hunter won't lose life when shooting them. The team is not supposed to say what that person is and not saying where that person is

In order to become a prop, press P

Your main goal is to hide or run from the hunters

Hunters Edit

THE hunters have the default skin of a Combine Officer (from Half Life 2). They are blinded and cannot move during the first 30 seconds of the game to allow props to hide. Each hunter has a crowbar, shotgun, SMG and 1 SMG grenade (Alt fire of the SMG). The weapons are used to kill the props, but when shooting or hitting a real object, hunters take damage (the number of life points you lose 5 heath when shooting or hitting real props). Hunters have 100 life points at the start of the game.

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