Professor Xyris Final

Professor Xyris in his current form.

  Professor Xyris is a Gmod screenshot character created by Steam User Professor Xyris. He is a Purple Engineer wearing a Full head of Steam and Braniac Goggles, as well as having a Purple Gunslinger. His character is based on the creator's equipped items in, but with a few differences.


  He has great skill in wide ranges of weaponry, while also being a quite stealthy snake. His special Dead Ringer is capable of stopping time to allow him the chance to plan his moves, or escape if need be. Somehow, he also has the power of teleportation including Übercharging himself for up to a maximum of 2 minutes.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  His Übercharge takes 5 minutes to recharge, and he is also not invincible. He makes friends with many villains, which makes many heroes enemies of his. He sometimes cheats in Poker which can backfire, and end up in a barfight or worse.


  Professor Xyris is a sly and clever person. He can get away with almost anything and has an IQ of around 200. He is great at solving problems and creating plans, as well as building and making blueprints. His grandfather worked along side Dell Conagher's grandfather. He can be caring at times, but is mainly a killing-machine, up there with the killing skill ranks of Dr. Face's Ninja Spy and RubberFruit's Painis Cupcake.


  Professor Xyris' grandfather worked with Dell Conagher's gradfather (as stated above) on Blutarch and Redmond Mann's life preservation machine, as well as the common day Dispenser, Teleporter, and Sentry. Professor Xyris hiself actually helped make blueprints for a level 4 Sentry and for Gray Mann's robots, that will work for him. He works at an academy called Xyris Academy, started by his father 60 years ago.


There is a Xyris Academy Steam Group created by Professor Xyris. The link to it is here[[1]]
Professor Xyris has gone through many forms between a Spy and an Engineer. This is because his creator couldn't makeup his mind.


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