Achievement procreator




This Achievement implies spawning 1000 NPCs.


  • 1. Press and hold the menu key (Which is Q by default) to display the spawn menu.
The spawn menu default
  • 2. While holding the menu key select the NPC tag at the top of the menu.
The npc tab default

NPC tab on the Spawn Menu

  • 3. Select and NPC of your choice to spawn it.

Repeat the operation 1000 times to unlock the achievement. But remember, delete some NPCs with Remover Tool, because the more NPCs there is, the more your session will slow down.


  • The achievement's name is a reference to Dr.Kleiner's speech in the third chapter of Half-Life 2: Episode 1, when he says that the Combine suppression field is down, which means that citizens are now able to reproduce, which references the human creation or "NPC" creation.
  • The icon represents two figures, probably a woman and a man, which again references reproduction or the NPCs.

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