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Private Jackson


Private Jackson is a minor Gmod monster. He is an Engineer for the United States Marines, HECU. He was introduced in the video game, "Half Life: Opposing Force". He has appeared in several, minor videos.


Not much is known about Jackson, including his first name. He was the jokester of Corporal Shephard's squad, making wisecracks at Private Tower's mother very often. Somehow, he survived the initial crash of Shephard's Osprey, and ended up wounded behind a maintainance door. He fights with Shephard, until they part ways, never to meet again.

In "Half-Life: Higher Caliber", he has changed his name to Wainwright, attempting to run away from the Black Mesa Incident, and is part of Fleetwood's squad entering Black Mesa Sigma.
Jackson learns to fly00:11

Jackson learns to fly

Jackson's flight abilities are showcased


For the most part, Jackson is your normal soldier, but he does have some superhuman abilities. When tossed by Private Tower, he can fly at supersonic speeds. This was demonstrated in, "Jackson Learns To Fly", by Gunman511.

His weakness seems to be the heavy tanks of propane he uses to power his welding torch. If hit by gunfire, he can spontaniously explode.

Speaking of his torch, he has the ability to cut through doors with his welding torch. While not exactly superhuman, this quality is very useful, allowing him to get out of some sticky situations.

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