A Gmod Monster created by Youtube user AdmiralTrainstorm
Pvt. Funnyman

Private Funnyman after cleaning the Unit.

Private Funnyman is a Soldier so hell bent on keeping a high level of honor within his unit he actually becomes more powerful depending on how much he believes someone has been dishonorable. The exception to this would be Captain Demoman, who's mere presence he considers to be incredibly dishonorable.

He appears as a RED Soldier wearing the Doctor's Dapper Topper and wielding the Equalizer/Escape Plan.


His special attack is a backflip kick he calls "The Dishonor Attack." This can also take the form of a flying highkick if attacking from a distanc
Pvt funnyman

Upholding honor within the unit as usual


He can also fire a hadoken-like rocket known as "The Dishonor Crocket," which becomes more powerful the more dishonorable the target is. Against, say, a team killer, it's devastating, but against someone who has upheld their vows that they either placed upon themselves or were placed upon them by the team, the rocket turns into some harmless object by the time it reaches its target.

If he's certain you're incredibly dishonorable he becomes extremely powerful and resistant to damage, however if he thinks you're honorable, one could kill him fairly easily, so long as one retains their honorability during battle.


Private Funnyman is wearing his Doctor's Dapper Topper, always watching that it isn't dishonored by the unit. He has his Equalizer (Or Escape Plan) near to get discipline into dishonoring mercenaries.


  • Gentlemen, I am Private Funnyman!
  • If you know what's good for you, you will not dishonor this entire unit!
  • Your training did not prepare you for Private Funnyman!
  • You have dishonored this entire unit!
  • I deserve a medal.
  • And that is how you do it, men!
  • I hate Demoman. You will dishonor Demoman.
  • Dishonot Crocket!
  • This is my bat. Do you understand that?
  • (after being hit by Gravy Guitarman's Jarate) Aaaaaaarrrrrghow my god!
  • You cannot dominate me, I am Private Funnyman!
  • You, prepare to die!
  • Today is a good day.
  • You will join my unit!
  • You are walking dishonor!


  • One of Private Funnyman's orginal videos (by AdmiralTrainstorm) was reuploaded here
  • Private Funnyman also has also been seen as a BLU Soldier.

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