PostnukeRP overhauled is PostnukeRP except many of its systems have been revised to be more optimized, include a lot more items and weapons, as well as having nicer looking HUD and VGUI.

The Gamemode is not available for public release, however it is open to the public with 30 slots by Frostburnt Foundation  at:

Key ChangesEdit

  • A lot more weapons.
  • Weapons Attachments.
  • Melee weapons system with blocking
  • Revised skills.
  • Stamina system.
  • Enduance removed, replaced with thirst
  • Enhanced VGUI.
  • Optimzations.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Donator Perks.
  • Endurance replaced with thirst
  • Much, Much more


PostnukeRP Overhauled wiki

Frostburnt Foundation Forums

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