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What is PNRP ?Edit

PostNukeRP is a Gamemode where you must Scavange Scrap, Small Parts, and Chemicals which are used to craft Tools, Weapons, Food, etc.There are 4 Bars at the top of your Screen (Depending on the server's HUD): Health, Suit Power, Endurance, and Hunger. Health is how much hitpoints you have, Suit Power is extra protection against threats, Endurance is how much Energy you have (Wastelanders have more energy, more on that later), and Hunger is how hungry you are. If your Hunger is at Zero then your Health will start depleting, and if you dont eat soon you die.

Classes                                                          Edit

  • Cultivator: Has the ability to craft Food, Grub Food, and Plants
  • Engineer: Can make Cars (Depending on what the Server's Vehicles are) certain Tools, Junk Items, and Weapons.
  • Scavanger: Gets a bonus on Salvaging. Can make items like: The Automated Sonic Miner or better the Automated Super Sonic Miner.Also capable of making the Ground Penetrating Radar.
  • Scientist: Grub Husbandry, Explosives, Health Kits, Turrets, Nuclear Reactors, Suit Batteries, and some sources of power like the Solar Panel.
  • Wastelander: He is the tank of the Wasteland. Has 150 HP, they have more Energy than the other classes, best used as a Mercenary or a Guard for your community.

Communities can be made for many purposes. If one community raids or declares a war on another, the two communities are to kill each other on sight till the war/raid has been won by one side or an agreement has been reached by both parties.



PNRP Wiki:

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