Polite Spy is an extremely polite Spy, able to pertain good manners under any circumstances. Not to be confused with Gentlespy, he appears to be an ordinary BLU Spy with a Summer Hat. He is the creation of the youtube user "afilthyleaver". Polite Spy is without any super natural powers to defend himself with. Basically no super strength, telepathy, super speed or insanity but only his skill to bewilder monsters with sheer politeness and regeneration of the body, which knowing GMod is an insane ability in and of itself.

Polite Spy


Polite Spy has three ablilites active at all times:

  • He can stay positive and polite under any circumstance, giving out compliments even to someone who is trying to kill him.
  • He seems to have an infinite amount of Sandviches that he gives to people.
  • He seems to be unscathed by severe injury, and can re-attach limbs.

Though these seem harmless, he has made friends with Vagineers, Painis Cupcake, Intelligent Heavy , and has even neutralized Christian Brutal Sniper, though he has been brought back to life and has also made friends with Gentlespy.

Polite Spy Example

Polite Spy (Above-Left) being polite.

Through this method of gaining the trust and alliance of other Monsters, Polite Spy can be considered one of the more powerful of them, if only by proxy.

If he is asked politely for assistance, he will do everything in his power to perform the action, unless it is obviously impossible.  In a video made from the creator of Karma Soldier he is lost in gm_big_city.  He needs to get to the BLU base and befriends Seeman.  At the same time a BLU Scout is attacked by a GRN Vagineer

And then a RED and a YLW one know  as a Vagi-Miner attacks them. Ordered by the Half Life 2 Male 9 he helps with the words HELP REQUSTED!  It shows he has the abilities to cloak around enemies as well as kick and punch.  Karma Soldier arrives and rewards him with a medal and helps him get to the base.  This video shows him have powers to cloak, kick, and punch.  He also says to the Vagineers to politely handle this like gentlemen. 


His politeness can well be his downfall as he will act completely polite even if the enemy/monster has threatened him, he would continue to be polite to attempt to "befriend" the monster other than this if he is against an opponent who completely lacks empathy such as Rarifruit or Private Funnyman. He entirly depends on the friendship of other monsters to come to his assistance but if he cannot recieve the assistance of the Monsters he has befriended, he can very well be rendered helpless/doomed.


If its Help Requested this Song.