(Pain) Pills are an item used by the Survivors to temporarily heal them in the Left 4 Dead games. In Garry's Mod Louis is portrayed addicted to the pills. The Hunter hates them.


The pills were discovered by the Survivors during their escapes from zombie-infested locations. Bill supposedly intended to spread the pills over the map but failed. The Smoker's father once tried to use the pills himself, but he fatally exploded and thus unintentionally spread the pills over the area and Louis is Having a Greatest Day Ever He Activity his Enemies is Been got Killed By the Train in the Subway in the Left Hallway After Coach and Vin Going in the Subway to Searching for a Trending Articles By Far away from the City and the pills were Which is the Used By Louis from his Strike to do with his Enemies.


The pills can temporarily heal the Survivors, quite faster than with medkits. The Smoker tends to eat the pills which rather than healing him gives a deadly smell, fatal to any Survivor who isn't Louis. The Boomer created an invention called the Pillbomb, a combination of pills and a pipe bomb. The Survivors were attracted by the bomb and died by its explosion, proving the Boomer's creation a success.