Pidors-Bagetts - are members of a group of players, whose main purpose is propblocking. These people are against the traditional rules of DarkRP mode and they do their best to ruin playing process of other players.

Main specific actionsEdit

  1. Propblocking other people to make them angry (houses, different state buildings etc)
  2. Propblocking AFK-players
  3. Becoming policemen and arresting every player they can see without motivation (including blocking police station)
  4. Propblocking spawnspot if it is possible
  5. Spawning watermelons and horses from the sky and watching them falling down on players
  6. Blocking DJ's radio
  7. Spawning huge textscreens with words which insult administrators and cause server crashes

What they do when they are disclosedEdit

  • Commit suicide (by typing "kill" in console)
  • Spawn items in front of people and run away
  • Kill admins and moderators
  • Reconnect and change names

If they get banned, Pidors-Bagetts usually connect to another server to continue bringing "justice".

Form of governmentEdit

Pidors-Bagetts' polity is anarchy-pidorizm. It means that they can do anything they want, whenever they want. No one can control them. However they have one aim - justice, or so they claim.

Etimology Edit

Pidors-Bagetts - (Russian: Пидоры Багетные) - the term takes its origin from russian word Pidors (пидоры) and Bagetts (french: baguette).

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