Orangeman is a GMod Monster hunter and a friend of Soldine, both created by YouTuber SarisKhan. His theme music is unknown.

Similarly to Spyper, Orangeman is not really a Monster, but for the sake of simplicity he can be grouped together with them.

He appears as a ORG Demoman with the Scotch Bonnet.

His theme is Marine Arrival - Single Surviver


Orangeman does not display any supernatural abilities. He is just an experienced, well-trained and creative mercenary, who uses his guns and wits against his opponents.

His main weapon is EX41 Grenade Launcher, which shoots Grenades much like a rifle would shoot regular bullets. On at least one occasion he also used a slightly customised Stickybomb Launcher. This explosive arsenal proves quite effective against low-tier GMod Monsters.

Orangeman employs various tactics in combat. He has been seen securing chokepoints with Stickybombs, taking cover, using his surroundings against his opponent and finding a way to work around his previously impenetrable defense. He avoids direct confrontation with stronger enemies and attempts to outwit them rather than simply thrash them to death.

His shield is the only ability He has in order to protect himself from projectiles and bullets. However, His shield is destroyed by certain abilities such as Major Scout Guy's Ice bullets.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Orangeman is a normal human, and except for his bulletproof vest he has no real defense against the many powerful abominations and monstrosities he faces. As a result, in comparison to them he is extremely fragile in melee combat.
  • He is practically defenseless without his weapons.
  • Some Monsters are immune to explosives (like Madic), or conventional weapons in general (Vagineer, Painis Cupcake etc.).

Notable VideosEdit

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