"Optimus Pootis supermode powerlink!"
―Optimus Pootis when using his super mode.

Optimus Pootis is a GMOD character based on Armada and Energon Optimus Prime.


He looks like a normal Robot Heavy in his normal state, but in his supermode he combines with Fists of Steel and gas can legs currently. He will then get a BLU team helmet and a robotic sandwich on his chest. If he gets destroyed or heavily damaged, the metallic sandwich can rebuild him. In his redesigned normal state, he has yellow goggles over his eyes. 


Optimus Pootis new supermode.

2013-02-13 00028

Original Super mode Optimus Pootis

Powers and weaponsEdit

He has super strength, nearly indestructable metal skin, and super intelligence. In his normal state, he is just as strong as Painis Cupcake and wields a Pomson 6000.


His metallic skin is nearly indestructible, except for attacks like Heavydile's bite or Solgineer telefragging him and blow him up. He is also slower in his supermode.


He has a team of what he calls Pootisbots.


Optimus Pootis and the Pootisbots' greatest enemies are called the Deceptibots.

  • Meganom (archenemy)


  • "Optimus Pootis SUPER MODE! POWER LINK!" 
  • "Optimus Pootis SUPER MODE!"
  • "I am Optimus pootis"


  • His name originally spread over the internet, but no GMOD Character with the name is rarely seen.
  • Optimus Pootis's metal sandwich is like a parody of the matrix of leadership.

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