Odessa is a resistance leader in Hl2 series and Redbull12347's Avatar. Now he



appears in GMod to enjoy himself, with a bit of trouble in City 18 where he met Vagitoilet. After he met it he almost died, but he escaped in the end to go forward.

Odessa appears to have occasional fits of insanity, going crazy and attempting to kill everbody nearby.


  1. As a resistance leader he has some durability and weapons combat skill.
  2. When he is injured he can heal himself with pills or medkits, which he seems to have infinite supply of but can only use once every so often.
  3. Upon becoming a Player Avatar he gained the ability to spawn props and use player tools. Since a runin with the Guy with the Suit, he also has access to the Golden Stick, a Combine baton with the same trait of the Golden Wrench that turns its kills into gold.


  1. Maybe he's got durability, but still he is a human so the GMod Monsters could cause trouble for him, like with Vagitoilet. It doesn't help that they don't seem to like him very much.
  2. When he has pills he will be POWND by Louis if he doesn't hide from him or hand them over.

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