Nuclear Scout d00d

Taken on an old camera, not very good quality :(

Nuclear Scout
is a GMod Monster made by AdmiralTrainstorm


Nuclear Scout is an overeccentric RED Scout with a RED Brigade Helm and a Wrangler who has no specific origin point and whose motives are unknown.


Nuclear Scout's simple presence deteriorates the video quality to an absolute minimum. In this state he's almost completely unstoppable, being able to lag out of any attack and defy logic by performing instant-kills with his Incinerator-Wrangler. Effects of his presence include drowning out the video's soundtrack with Crisis City's classic remix or "I am" by Crush 40, changing the video style from stop motion to Fraps, and making production means and effects such as physgun beams visible. As this is his personal effect, it can't be used against him. It should be noted that Nuclear Scout in general is insanely powerful as shown by defeating nearly every opponent with ease and it's likely the only way to counter his attacks would be to have a battle plan in case he decides to appear.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

The best ways to deal with him are to change his method of being powered. If his method of gaining energy is though Solar power, regardless of the amount of sunlight he is invincible. Should one change it the surroundings would revert back to their initial quality and he'd be open for attack, provided he hadn't predicted this and fled. He is capable of resetting himself to solar, but this takes time and is near impossible to perform whilst in the presence of another.


A photo taken of Nuclear Scout before he incinerated the cameraman.

Though an extremely powerful force, his capabilities are based around the power of terrible gmod videos meaning he is poorly animated and lacks character development. He's probably quite easy to manipulate, should one be able to survive his initial attack.

Avatars are not as drastically effected by Nuclear Scout's passive effect, compared to everything else. They still suffer, but not as badly as the rest of the local area.

Victims of Nuclear ScoutEdit

Snipe (Multiple times)

Pumpkin Soldier


Dick Sandvich (Twice)





Albert Wesker

Gravy Guitarman

An Engineer

Cheese Scout

Spy of Influence

Happy Hat Heavy




Robot Engie


Private Funnyman


Rake Spy


Nuclear Scout in action:Edit



Footage of Nuclear Scout and Snipe

Before attacking Snipe, he always calls out "Dat freakin' Snipe!".

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