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NoYes is a new Gmod Monster created by youtube user SaucyPosse1 he has appeared in no videos so far.

His theme is Gigi D' Agostino: Blablabla


NoYes was created by a group of scientist in order to create a "Peacekeeper" like status through citys however the machine he was being created by malfunctioned and he came out as a anti-hero like character only able to say his name that translates to the same language as vaginese allowing him to communicate with them and any variation of there kind. NoYes will not randomly kill citizens but if easily provoked he will kill thus making him Chaotic Nuetral.

Example of his speech:NoYes NoYes NoYes - you will die!


NoYes has the model of a normal BLU soldier but with the helmet removed. Like a normal Soldier his grenades are purely cosmetic and cannot be used as explosives.


  • Exceptional Fitness-despite having a soldier model he has the speed of a medic and he is very Agile able to leap high and jump far. He also has very good strength which can let him stand toe-to-toe with other monsters however his strength is not as comparable to his Agility.
  • NoYes has the ability to "Ear Rape" his opponents by screaming his name very loudly (not translating to any words but more like screaming) opponents that are immune to Ear Rape cannot be harmed by this he however cannot spam this ability.


  • NoYes has no supernatural defense allowing him to be demolished by stronger monsters (example:Giga Demo) he only relies on his reflexes to dodge enemy attacks.
  • After he uses his Ear Rape ability he can be left out of breath if the attack doesnt work he can be left open for attacks.


NoYes has appeared in 0 videos so far

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