The Nnnnngh Snipers (also but less known as T.O.A.S.T.E.N.S.) are creatures made by OluapPlayer .

With the appareance of a Sniper, this being is known for making an highly disorted face loosely resembling a smile and muttering "Nnnngh" (Sniper_autodejetedtie03).

There is a difference between RED and the BLU Nnnngh Snipers. RED Nnnnghs are far more incompetent and as such can be easily caught off guard. The BLU Nnnngh teleports behind victims and makes the "Nnnngh ". Then snaps the victim,s neck, often resulting in the screen cutting in black and ending the video. It is not known whether or not there is a neck this neck-snapping demon cannot break. It is known that if the victim doesn't have a neck, as shown by the Headless Horseless Horsemann, the attack has no effect, leaving BLU Nnnngh wide open for an attack. The zombanic equivalent of this species make a distorted face resembling an angry frown instead of a smile.

RED kindEdit

The RED Nnnngh Snipers are the less serious of the two kinds. They usually behave like normal Snipers, with the exception of Nnnnghs being far more stupid, unnefficient and random than normal Snipers.

Arena badlands0000

The Nnnngh Sniper's signature face

There are countless of RED Nnnngh Snipers: They're usually in groups where they scream rapidly nonsense such as "MEDIC!", "Quack!", "GOD!", their signature "Nnnnnngh" and laughing, They are also shown to be evil, kidnapping Jane Doe's wife, stealing stuff, and more.

Apart from using Sniper Rifles unefficiently (although they seem to be efficient with the Huntsman), their main method of attacking is throwing themselves against the foe. While this usually fails (Rayquaza and the Horseless Headless Horsemann didn't even feel it), it can be effective against weaker enemies.

At least one of these RED Nnnngh Snipers seems to be a Pokémon trainer; howewer his team isn't actually a Pokémon, but a Gunslinger Vagineer. He might be the same one who summoned a Porygon-Z against the HHH.

BLU kindEdit

Arena badlands0001

The BLU Nnnngh Sniper

The BLU Nnnngh Sniper is the far more dangerous version of the species. There was only two, but the less dangerous one has been disposed of by Jane Doe.

The BLU Nnnngh Sniper's behavior is teleportating behind his target, then he mutters a scarier version of the "Nnnnngh", and proceeds to snap his target's neck while muttering a backwards version of the same cry. It is unknown if there's any neck this creature cannot break; maybe tougher or more resistent enemies might be able to keep their necks intact. It is known, howewer, that if his target has no neck, this attack will fail and BLU Nnnngh Sniper will be open for an attack.

The other BLU Nnnngh Sniper mentioned acted just like his RED brothers, so it is possible that he changed teams.

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