Ninjineer is a GMod Monster created by YouTuber LEtheCreator.

He appears as a BLK Engineer with the Deus Specs and the Gunslinger.

Behaviour and PersonalityEdit

Ninjineer is a quite cheerful and energetic person. Even though an excellent fighter, he appears to be really good-natured and does not mean actual harm to others. He also seems to enjoy combat very much.

His best friend is Heavy Sumo Guy, who has yet to make an appearance in a video.


Ninjineer is a very cunning and tricky warrior skilled at martial arts. He is extremely nimble and fast, which allows him to avoid powerful attacks of slower opponents. However, most of his combat abilities are based on his equipment rather than actual powers.

He can disguise himself as an inanimate object in order to avoid detection, but the disguise vanishes instantly if something comes into contact with him.

Ninjineer carries several smoke bombs with him. He uses them to confuse the enemy, avoid an attack or to gain time to get into another position.

His shuriken gears are heavy, and thanks to Ninjineer's exceptional aim can be utilized efficiently to incapacitate the enemy. They are also known to temporarily disable machinery, much like a Spy's Sapper, except they don't actually damage machines and are a bit harder to dislodge.

Ninjineer's arguably most useful tool is his "ninja cable". It can be used either to move fast over big distances and to make huge leaps, but also to grab a relatively light enemy and change him into a punch-bag.

It's worth noting that his battle cry sounds identical to a Vagineer howl, which may frighten his enemies and make them believe that they are being stalked by a monster far more vicious/deadly than Ninjineer. Ninjineer may or may not be able to speak a little bit of Vaginese (the Vagineer language) himself.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Despite his excellent fitness, Ninjineer is for all intents and purposes a normal human being and may be easily harmed like one.
  • Ninjineer's combat ability has been known to suffer when things go horribly wrong. He becomes sloppy and his timing gets worse.
  • Apparently, he is not as good at killing as other GMod Monsters (mostly due to moral restraint, but also due to lacking destructive power). This might put him in a bit of trouble when faced with an enemy that could not be simply knocked unconscious. He is more likely to flee than kill, but he will attempt to kill if it's necessary.


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