Ninja Spy is a BLK ninja-like Spy created by Dr. Face, also known as 69Starmix96.


Ninja Spy was originally RED in his first appearances, but then he had a BLU incarnation, both wielding dual Bushwhackas. When they both met at Offblast, they decided to fight each other to determine who was the stronger one. Meanwhile, when Rappy noticed a button to activate the rocket above both of the Ninja Spies and pushed it, they were merged into one BLK version, wielding dual Shahanshahs. He is often known to say "Gentlemen I am waiting" or "If you forget, I am Ninja Spy".


His weapons are a Big Kill, a fire axe, grenades and dual Shahanshahs.

When it comes to fighting, he is very agile and fast. He was able to take out a few good Snipers with his skills and respond to attacks almost instantly.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Even with his agility, his defense is low. He can be injured by strong Freaks and Monsters pretty easily.
  • He usually overlooks his tasks. For example, he pushed a payload cart all the way to its detonation point before noticing he would get caught in the nearby explosion.
  • His temper is pretty short. If upset, he will make some bad decisions and his battle actions become sloppy and aggresive.


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