Nick is a playable character in Left 4 dead 2. In Gmod videos. He likes tits, breaks the law and is friends with Ellis. He threatens to bury people alive if they shoot him. His signature weapon is sword.


Ellis is Nick's friend. He gives him advice to date his love interest Zoey. In Ellis And The Horse. Nick eats his horse and Ellis commits suicide.

Francis is Nick's friend. They both like to prank call and insult Rochelle.

Coach is Nick's friend. They both robbing things and fight zombies. In Who's Cooking Tonight. Coach asks Nick to make dinner when he refused, they fight.


Nick dislikes anyone who make his suit dirty and will attack anyone to death. He beats a Hunter to death. He literally buries RED Scout alive for shooting him.

Nick also breaks the law and sometimes gets intro trouble with combine cops.



  • Nick is the main protagonist of Tasty Cools Youtube series and of Ninja Nick videos

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