Neko Donut is a passive Monster made by JavelinGX Mk. Neko Donut is a recolored Blaze model that lives inside a glowing magic donut. People that touch it make her appear in an instant. She sports two floating donuts above her hands that glow as her source donut does. She supposedly grants wishes to good people if it is within her power. Those she finds evil or resentable she attempts to transform into donuts and teleport them away from her before withdrawing back into her donut. This defense mechanism can be averted by challenging her to battle - formally preferably because informal can be harder to get the point across with.

As mentioned before, Neko is passive. As long as she is left unprovoked she will not attack. If a good or honorable person such as Private Funnyman, or a fellow passive monster like Blockgineer or Seeman, summons her from her donut, she will perform one request for them to the best of her ability.

Neko Donut has no specified place of residence, and is not territorial of the area around her donut, a relatively rare trait among monsters with a stationary object that they hold dear.

Until it makes more appearances, this Monster is considered an Unknown and not a full-status Monster.


Neko Donut's abilities differ significantly from those used by other Monsters in their own way. They all use a donut motif regardless of if for offense or defense.

  • She can turn any inanimate object into a donut. These donuts are surprisingly dense and make good blunt weapons to a psychic or other person who can swing objects around without their hands getting in the way.
  • Can summon self-aware magical donuts that block incomming attacks, similar to a shield.
  • Can shift into an ethereal form that makes attacks pass through her. This ability is very exertive and drains Neko's energy rapidly.
  • Like Weaselcake she can teleport herself and her donut with ease.

Wachu is still working on her signature ultimate attack.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Neko's donut is her weak point. Attacking this successfully - for example, while she's still in it - will deprive her of her more magical abilities. It will respawn eventually, but not quickly enough to protect Neko from vulnerability.

Neko is a deep sleeper - slow to awaken when summoned, quick to fall back to sleep.

Most of her offensive abilities are projectile based, making her vulnerable to Monsters and devices that can deflect projectiles.


According to a fair deal of people, Neko Donut has no place here and her creator is a pathological attention seeker. The second point can't be proven for or against at this point, but the first is untrue - all Monsters eventually find a place here, regardless of source material.

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