--Multicario while listening to a song

Multicario is a good, passive GMod Monster created by

Youtube user DarknessLucario311.

Appearance Edit

Multicario is good, and a friend making GMod monster and he wears

Australium Professor Speks.

He resides in Gravelpit, and every visitor gets a gift from him.

He can be seen listening to a song, normally a Dubstep song.

Abilities Edit

Multicario haves the ability of spawning props like weapons or cans,

also he haves

the ability of changing his own voice from the 9 TF2 classes,

but its 8 if Pyro its excluded. He can also speak random languages

from other freaks like Vaginese.

Weakness Edit

His normal weakness is, of course, Dubstep. If he listens to something that is that music genre he will dance until the music stops.

Another weakness is what he can't hold any more than 40 hits.

Sometimes, he dosen't even wants to fight and leaves the opponent alone.

Origin Edit

The origin of Multicario. He was a normal Lucario with a Demoman voice. He was walking through Lavender Town when some ghosts catched him. When they wanted to do experiments with him, he broke free.


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