Mule Corn Cakes is a RED Engineer Freak created by an unknown user.

Appearance/Personality Edit

Mule Corn Cakes looks like a normal RED Engineer. He lives in a red toolbox in 2fort. He carries a Powerjack.

He pops out of his toolbox when someone's near and tells them that he's gonna BAM them. He then proceeds to hit said victim in his head until it's gone.

Unlike other freaks he doesnt stay in one place. He enjoys fishing.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Mule Corn Cakes can summon a Powerjack as a weapon.

He can slide on the ground like Painis Cupcake.

He can also self-über charge when enraged.

He can create dispensers though they usually explode and drop a random thing.

He can also teleport while inside his toolbox.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

Due to only having a few attacks he can be relatively outsmarted.

Without his Powerjack he is relatively defenseless.