Zombie Survival, one of the most famous GMod multiplayer games

Modifications are mods for Garry´s Mod that were made via--multiplayer SDK or just in singleplayer, they can be easily made by voice acting and building things on a certain map.

Multiplayer ModsEdit

Zombie Survival (zs)

Trouble in Terrorist Town (ttt)

Find the Ball (ftb)

Destructi0n (des)

Pedo Bear Escape (pb)

Operation Machinima (om)

Ghosthunt (gh)

Guess Who (GW)

Singleplayer ModsEdit

Ghosthunt: The Prologue

Gm ghosthunt0009

Gm_ghosthunt is possibly the only cooperative Cooperative Game Mode

Assassinate Breen

Find Sasha

Help the Heavy

Garry´s Mod: Heavy´s Giant Quest (beta only)