Mob Boss Player model

The Mob Boss is a playable class in DarkRP.


The Mob Boss is described as the head of the local crime family. He is essentially the Mayor of the underworld. He is generally treated with mistrust and is an uncommon sight to be out on the streets.

By default, the Mob Boss will have G-Man player model and  a black name color.

The Mob Boss has a unique command to set the gang agenda. The agenda is basically a set of directions given to the gang from the Boss. It appears at the top left hand corner of the screen for all gangsters and himself. The Mob Boss is supposed to be a powerful character and normally commands respect and cooporation through his orders, be it through an in-person directive or the agenda. Most servers, however, advise players to ignore agendas/commands that encourage breaking server rules, such as "Kill all cops." The agenda, however is useful for communicating with gang members about his current situation ("In jail. Be out soon.) or where a rally point or base is located (Base is Crackhouse.)

The Boss is the brain of the gang. He is normally responsible for planning and conducting raids on buildings or residences and getting supplies for his gang. He is also normally responsible for negoiting with the Mayor/Police officers and Gun dealers.

Gang ActivitiesEdit

Because he is the brain of the gang, he must plan most, if not all of the activities and operations they want to preform. He and his gang's activities normally include, but are not limited to:

  • Theft and raids of the Police Station and other buildings
  • Kiddnapping of the Mayor or other players
  • Setting up and maintaining drug/printing operations
  • Securing weapons and ammo to fight/defend against CPs
  • Escorting drug traders

Each of these activities are generally viewed with a certain amount of suspicion, especially when large amounts of gangsters are in one place, and have some illegal aspect of it.

The Mob boss is also responsible for helping set up a base for himself and his gang. The base normally fulfills at least a few of their needs, such as: a place for regrouping after a raid, a place to store drugs, weapons, and/or money printers, and to plan their activities in seclusion. The base is generally designed to be a defensive structure, including having places to take cover and escape. The Mob Boss can and normally will chose to section off a part of the base to use for his own purposes. The base is usaually some sort of warehouse that can easily be blocked off.