Minioneers were created by Gumballrulez21. The Minioneers are BLU Bald headed Engineers, Some of them have Names and they have different personalities. They work and live at cp_dustbowl.

Minioneers ListEdit


Dave is a Polite Minioneer and he sometimes does Mistakes on other Minioneers like Steve. He is the main Minioneer to be created. He is Friends with Stuart.


Stuart is a Minioneer and he is Friends with Dave, Stuart used to be Friends first with Jerry but he is chosen to be Dave's new Friend. He cleans a messy pile of weapons with Tom on some of the areas of cp_dustbowl when the war ends.


Kevin is another Minioneer of other Minioneers. He didn't had friends once but he became Friends with Jerry, he and Jerry make great friends at eachother. He was shrinked in some of his early videos. In his early video appearances Kevin was a BLU Bald Minioneer but until he's new appearances in new videos he changes appearance he is now GRN Minioneer and wears The Green O'l Geezer hat.


Jerry is another Minioneer, He once were friends with Stuart but he became friends with Kevin. In his Early videos he was Curious and Brave but in his new videos he is not Brave anymore and is now Stupid and always tired.


Tom is a serious and confused Minioneer, He wears The Pocket Pyro Item always. He cleaned a messy pile of weapons with Stuart on some of the areas of cp_dustbowl when the war ends. 


Paul is another Minioneer and wears The Mining Light and The Builder's Blueprints . He is a Minioneer who always loves to build structures at any control point on cp_dustbowl. He is The Minioneer of the week.


Donny A.K.A Donatello is another Minioneer and has got The Virtual Reality Headset Stuck on his head for a reason. He is called by Paul to keep working while trying to make another cart for the BLU Team. He later found a Virtual Reality Headset, he puts it on and he cant remove it and it means it got stuck on his head.


Phil is a sweet Minioneer with a kind caring heart he wears The Flared Frontiersman


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