Mingebags are players between 7-15 who attemp to either ruin or crash servers, they get their name from the default steam name because they are too stupid to change it, however, this does not mean all people who are called mingebags try to crash the server, they could be new players with great potential

Tatics of a mingebag: • Spamming, spawn lots of items • Squeking, rarest of all( second) speak in annoying voices about things they don't agree on • Contraption destruction, attempt to destroy other players creations or contraptions • Invasion, build war machines and attempt to crash every server, no invasion has happened. Yet. Trivia: • The YouTube series " War of the Servers" makes the mingebags attack servers like the Martians did in the book "War of the Worlds" • In the game there is a menu screen called gm_Mingebags, it shows a survivor hiding from Mingebags • Anti Mingebag software is now available for admins to use, these are, anti spam, prop keeper and prisons

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