The Microwave appears in many diffrent Ways in garrys mod.


The Microwave is used in DarkRP for the cook, who buys it and sets it up for others to use.  When set down, it usually says 500 dollars to use.  When a player uses it, the money goes to the cook.  A random food idem will appear(I.E. Chinese food, milk, orange, banana, etc.) and the player who bought it can eat it.  The food from the microwave restores more hunger than the menu-bought food does, hence the higher price.

Trouble In Terrorist TownEdit

The Microwave also appears in the gamemode Trouble in Terrorist town.  It has two forms: The health station and the pain station.  The health station is put down by a detective, which anyone can use.  It usually has 150 health points.  Holding the USE button will restore your health if you are wounded.  Only 3-4 people can use it at once though.  The Traitors can put down an exact replica, but this is a false health station.  It says health on it to confuse the uncarefull person who desires health.  When used, it kills the user instantly, so unless the innocents catch on, it will keep fooling people.

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