A metrozombie about to eat brains using the fast headcrab.Notice it doesent show how the fast headcrab eat brains

Metrozombie is some kind of a infected metropolice.


1 First, the normal headcrab latch into his head. But doesent infected until other headcrabs latch into his body.

2 The fast headcrab will latch ino his stomach so he can devour anything.

3 The poison headcrab will latch in the back. And this is how metrozombie is made.


The Metrozombie has the same abilities for zombies, But has special abilities:

-Sensing anyone of anything before he gets attacked. Example: Vagineer try to eat him by go behind him.

-Poison clawing.

-Devour only brains

-If he doesent find for more food in 8 hours, it will die, But headcrabs doesent die.

- Weak but faster than the fast zombie.

Faults and weaknessesEdit

-Much like other zombies he is killable.

-Report that zombie can be tired if running so much.

Ask a questionEdit

If you wanna ask a question about this zombie. Please insert questions rude and offensive question will be removed:

How i can make that headcrabs eats brains? I've tries to spawn them near dead or alife bodies but they didn't do nothing...

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