"I am Mentlegen Pie! I am going to gut you."
―Mentlegen Pie to his victims and Painis Cupcake

Personality and BehaviorEdit

Mentlegen Pie is a normal RED Spy with similar mannerisms to Painis Cupcake, except with a few differences. Unlike Painis, Mentlegen is not a cannibal, and instead "guts" his victims after introducing himself. He is capricious and does things on a whim, focusing his entire existence on trolling everyone he meets. He has since tricked a BLU Demoman into thinking a RED Soldier was Painis Cupcake, and murdered a group of BLU mercenaries.

Though so far his victims have been those who are allied with BLU, Mentlegen Pie has a rivalry of sorts with Painis Cupcake, ever since Mentlegen "gutted" him during their first meeting. Painis Cupcake has yet to carry out his revenge for this deed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like Painis Cupcake, Mentlegen Pie can slide on the ground and has inhuman fitness, meaning that he can endure more punishment than a normal Spy can. However, he lacks many more of Painis' powers, such as his Self-Übercharge.

As with many Spies, he is skilled with a Knife and knows of various ways on how to use it effectively.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Despite his inhuman fitness, Mentlegen Pie cannot survive attacks coming from extremely powerful Freaks.
  • Mentlegen Pie has so far little combat experience and relies on using his Knife as a weapon; if taken away, he will be helpless.

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