Mega Upload
Achivement Megaupload




This achievement is awarded for getting 1000 upvotes on a Workshop item.


In order to get this achievement, you need to make something in GMOD that's worthy enough to get a total of 1000 thumbs in the workshop, although downvotes do not count. Here's a few tips:

  • Try making a simple, but fun addon that includes custom models or practical purposes, such as the proper seats mod which allows you to select which direction you go once you leave a seat.
  • Duplicates are usually not thumbed a whole lot considering you can only get them in game.
  • Get some friends to help you spread the word of your new addon.
  • Make sure to keep the addon up-to-date or else it may eventually pop off the workshop.
  • Go to jail.


  • The achievement's name is a play on the one-click hosting site Megaupload, which was seized by the United States government in 2012 for facilitating copyright infringement, hence the "go to jail" joke.