The medic's character model. (

The medic is a job in many forms of Roleplay.


The medic is the only (sometimes not true, servers can have the buyhealth command) way to heal on Roleplay servers. Medics can work for the goverment, giving our free healing, set up their own hospital or medical shop, or work for the criminals. (Working for criminals in terms or raid or in general is ILLEGAL on most servers. Some servers have a medic that works for the gang, and some servers just allow it.) The avarage medic just heals people. Medics have a salary that is between 40$-60$.


Medics have the default loadout: Physics Gun, Gravity Gun, Keys, Pockets, Camera, and Toolgun. However, they have a medkit which allows them to heal themselves, other players, or both. Medkits can have a charge limit or can have a power moment. The medkit is job exclusive.

Medic StratigiesEdit

As a medic, you have three choices to start with:

A: Work for the government. Walk around the map with a medkit in hand. If people ask to be healed, heal them. Set up a free clinic or just walk around.

B: Rent out a location and make it a hospital/medical shop. Charge people for health (A GREAT way to make money), or have a Life Insurance policy or something. Hire a guard so theives don't rob you or demand free health.

C: Go to the mob boss (Or a criminal) and ask if you can join the mafia. If the person says yes, change your job title to "Mafia Medic" or something similar. Travel with them. Ask an admin if you can participate in raids. Charge INFLATED prices to normal, non-criminal people, and heal the family for free.

Roleplay TipsEdit

  • Play a genius. Know something about medicine.
  • Stay sane, or become insane doing "Advanced medical surgery."
  • Depending on your Strategy, roleplay accordingly.
  • Live somewhere that's either a house or good apartments.


Medics are the only way to aquire health (USUALLY) on Roleplay servers. They can work for themselves, the government, or the mafia. Theives may want free health or your cash, but this job is a overlooked job that's a lot of fun. If you play it right, you can have a lot of money and really enjoy yourself.

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