In Team Fortress 2, the Medic is a mad scientist who lost his medical licence for malpractice. He and the Heavy have been known to get along very well, and the Heavy trusts him, not knowing what things the Medic has done to him.

Mann vs MachineEdit

In Gmod videos, there doesn't seem to be very many constants with the Medic, however when it comes to Mann vs. Machine antics, the Medic is often obsessed with money.


Another recurring trend is the medic's own call medic voice line manipulated to sound like a sheep baaing. This has caused a few variant TF2 freaks to be created including medic sheep and the target practice medics known as the MeeMedics.


Medic's favorite friend is Heavy. He helps him by ubercharging him.


  • In President Heavy, he lost the presidental election to Heavy.
  • In Cow Eating Contest, Medic saves Scout's life by sexually healing him.
  • A BLU Medic known as Mecha Medic is the main antagonist of Unusual Troubles.

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